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Transfer Carts

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Manpower is often insufficient to carry heavy loads. Especially with the industrial revolution, the importance of machines has increased. Machines have replaced manpower and have played an active role in fast and safe production. Recently, with the advancing technology and accelerating innovations, mass production is carried out in many areas. Durable construction equipment, which are not effected by seasonal conditions and well-balanced materials are needed for mass production to take place. One of them is transfer carts. Today, transfer carts used in every field carry loads of tons and can be designed with the style of use specific to the requests of the companies. The transportation of materials in factories, shipyards and mines affects the production rate considerably. Transfer carts allow the materials to be transferred and stacked quickly. Transfer carts are quite powerful tools with solid balance centers. The use of transfer carts in many areas has increased the importance of them.


Transfer carts are generally vehicles that transport patients in hospitals, transport products with rail systems in markets, or transport tons of materials in factories. The wide range of use ensures the continuity of the need and contributes a lot to the active production of the factories. In addition to this, they are among the tools that are at hand and support walking for people who have difficulty walking. Transfer carts are generally used by construction companies, mines, shipyards ad other places where construction equipment are used. Transfer carts lift tons of weights that human power cannot lift. They accelerate production by providing easy and safe transportation of materials thanks to their rail or wheel systems, based on the option of the companies. Transfer carts can be manufactured in accordance with the load carrying capacity and balance requested by the companies.


Transfer carts are divided into types according to the needs of use. Rail, motorized, battery powered, idler freight wagons can be given as examples of the types of transfer carts. These transfer carts vary according to the way of operation and use. The rail transfer carts are used to transport products or materials in markets, hospitals, public areas. They can carry materials that cannot be lifted by human power, but they do not have the capacity to carry tons of weight. In some of the transfer carts, the rope is tied and the materials are pulled directly. In these carts, the load carrying feature is not active and old-fashioned transportation is seen. A horizontal empty floor is needed for the transfer carts to move smoothly. Transfer carts, which help to transport materials quickly on horizontal ground, are often preferred in industry, factories and mines. Transfer carts also provide load transfer, saving human labor and time. On the other hand, the motorized transfer carts are vehicles that have an engine in the operating system and help the process of moving faster. Battery powered transfer carts work with electrical energy and although they are less costly, maximum efficiency is obtained. They contribute to the production and distribution system by carrying tons of cargo through their charging system. Transfer carts are generally used in areas where large load-bearing cranes cannot reach or enter. Transfer carts are actively preferred for transporting and stacking heavy loads especially in narrow, small and horizontal areas. This type of transfer vehicles has a walking axle and its other name is pig cart. Although slower, it effectively carries heavy loads. Autonomous transfer carts have emerged with the development of technology. The locations where the transfer cart is selected after direct loading and the vehicle automatically goes to the destination. That's why it is called an autonomous transfer cart. It is mostly preferred in the areas of mass production, and it ensures that the products are released very quickly, and it provides profit. Since it has high maneuverability, there is no risk of hitting objects and materials. It finds the area it will go to through its sensor and ensures that the load reaches it safely. It is a very practical and safe transportation method since it does not require operator or specialized control. Carts with a rail system also have the ability to make quick turns, take control quickly and steer. This shows that it has a high ability to move quickly on horizontal ground and allows to transmit tons of load quickly. Some transfer carts have a height limit of 40 meters. This height limit may vary according to company orders. Furthermore, the shape and working principle of the transfer carts can be specified optionally.